Friday, September 14, 2007


Hey Robin!

So like... there was this book signing... and stuff... and i don't really remember all of it. It's kind of a happy blur. I mean, Yarn Harlot is my HERO. SO I tried to take some pictures that I might have something to talk about. Or at least some proof that I was there. So I might be a little biased. But this crowd... They were awesome!

Wait that's not a good picture, here's a better
When Harlot/Stephanie came out, the woman who was escorting her showed a beautiful afghan that was created by their knit-night group for a local charity. How cool is that? And my less-than-professional photography skills caught Stephanie rushing to help her hold it up. My less-than-helpful camera didn't catch up fast enough so that I could get a better picture of the two of them holding it up. But since there were about a billion other flashes going off... i am SURE some blog somewhere will have that picture and put me to considerable shame. *sigh*

So I had a great seat... can you tell?
Note to self: Stephanie is short, next time sit to the SIDE, so you can actually see her whole face. Yeah.

These are the lovely ladies who were near me in the audience. I was so happy to meet other knitters. To the lady on the left... i am REALLY. REALLY... really sorry. And I didn't get your name. So. I'm REALLY sorry about the unfortunate timing on the picture. These ladies were so great. Everyone was, really.

That's Danica, far left. She was really funny and so cool. She gave me a Yarn Pirate sticker. Awesome. Penny, on the right (in red) just started knitting recently and is already knitting her first sock! The force is strong with this one... Carol, in the middle.... taught Penny. She was working on her second scarf for the red scarf charity. That's so awesome. I wish I had mine to show her. She was making some wonderful, yet simple scarves. So pretty! Yay! New Friends! :)

Stephanie spoke for about.... an hour? It's all a blur, I haven't laughed so much for so long since I saw George Carlin in Las Vegas on my honeymoon. Seriously, she's that funny. She deserves my adoration. She was as good as all of her books are, but instead of reading and grinning ear to ear and nodding your head... you are LISTENING... and grinning ear to ear... etc etc.

Do I really need to repeat how wonderful it was? Nah...

Next was the signing line. I was lucky enough to have an "A" on my ticket so i really didn't have to wait very long. The bookstore has this system DOWN and it was all handled quite well. It's a fantastic bookstore, I just wish it wasn't so far away. Incidentally that was Third Place Books, in Lake Forest Park. Awesome independant store. Awesome.

So many people wore their creations and were knitting new ones. I didn't want to be presumptuous and walk around asking people to hold up their wonderful things and ask to take a picture.... but I snuck this one in while i was waiting to meet my Hero. This woman and her Husband (I am assuming here... he sure seemed husbandly) are both knitters and had gone to meet Stephanie in Victoria BC. Anyway!! Look at this jacket! Noro silk garden (of course... isn't it obvious?!). I hope she doesn't mind that I am posting to to posterity :)
And of course there is Stephanie being charming and wonderful :)

Here's Stephanie trying to get a pic of Carol's beautiful cardigan for her hubby. Her sleeves were a little too long and she was asking how to fix it with the least amount of trauma.

I was the one who suggested steeking Stephanie. Call me! :)

I was totally going to bring her a beer too. I should have. Man... I should have. Because I really didn't make an impression on her. Oh well.

And here's the SUMMIT of the whole night. I am giddy. I hope you are more successful than I. Maybe YOU can mention steeking too... just drop it in the conversation. ;) Later!


  1. wow, you had so much fun! good for you.

  2. Hi Kate-- it was fun to meet you! I'm thinking hard about steeking the gray sweater, it does sound like the simplest (though scariest) solution. But my husband agrees with Stephanie that the sweater is ridiculously huge and he is unlikely to wear it. :-( So perhaps I will have to find some other worthy recipient. --Carol

  3. Hi Kate,
    Just got in from out of town and saw your note on the Hazel Knits site. You must have snapped up one of the last skeins at Hilltop. They were totally out of Hazel Knits yarn when I went in today!

    I was at the Harlot event too. Isn't she great?! So kind and funny. It was such a thrill to meet her and then... she goes out and links my SITE on her website! (Did you see the Monkey sock from the Sailor's Delight? YAY!)

    I'd love to see what you make from the Blue Jeans yarn - I love that colorway - If I ever had enough gumption I'd knit some lounging pants out of it. Could you imagine doing that with sock yarn? Whew!

    I couldn't find your e-mail address to thank you directly. If you'd like to send it to me, I'm at wshulsen (AT) gmail (DOT) com.

    (PS - I work at Hilltop too - please look for me the next time you are in - I'd love to meet you!)