Wednesday, September 5, 2007


Hey Robin,
How did I go from getting-around-to-writing-a-post to full-fledged project-updating on Ravelry?? WTF?

Inspired by you, I had finished the orphan scarf (doesn't look much different from the last time i pictured-it, so I won't bore you) and had to cast-on something FAST. Little Guy started pre-school yesterday and so I wanted to do something that I could work on and maybe finish by the end of the week.... a real change from how projects have been going this summer!

Anyway, it's the Felted Striped Tote from One Skein, but I am calling it the Felted Ad Lib Tote... here it is in it's messy-lump stage. I'm using my leftover Highland Wool from Elann (that i used for the kitty-pi) and some bits and bobs leftover from someone else's project! Most of them have been identified as Noro, but there's some other stuff in there mixed in. I am afraid that one of those balls might not be something that felts... but oh well. We're living on the WILD SIDE.

...It must be that smell of short-term-freedom i get each morning ;)

So, are you going to knit something stylish for Loki and Thor so you can enter CAP's contest??


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