Wednesday, April 25, 2007


Hey Kate!

Turns out, we can use blogger to do what we want. *smacks forehead*

So anyway, I've been Knitting In Public at work. I get the opportunity on breaks and at the end of the night when waiting for the door to be reopened. (Working past closing at a major retailer means having locked exits to keep the late night customers away.) I bring my KIP bag, which happens to also be my Chase-My-Toddler-Daughter-Around-While-Knitting bag, and let it hang off my wrist while knitting. (Side note: I think I'll call her Emme in this blog from now on.)

KIP Bag As you can see, while you have knitted two hats for Afghans for Afghans, I have accomplished an inch and a half of one. Sigh.

I was knitting during my meal break tonight when a Japanese coworker, we'll call him Ken, expressed shock that I was knitting. This was the first time that anyone at work had mentioned it. Everyone else just looked away uncomfortably, like I was dissecting a mouse in public or something. Seems that in Japan, children are/were taught knitting in elementary school. Ken said that when he was 8, he couldn't finish his knitting project. When they were due, his teacher went around and wanted to see everyone's finished projects. When his teacher came to Ken, he painfully opened his desk only to discover that someone had finished the project for him and done a great job. He got high marks from his teacher and he never found out who the secret knitter was.

I love working in a diverse environment.

Off to WoWKnit.



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