Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Got it! Part Deux!

Hey Robin!
At long last I have gotten the "spoils" of my other swap!

This was the "Going Green" swap where required items were: A hand-made market bag; an item of the fair-trade persuasion; an organic or non-toxic type cleaning product. Go here to see the bag and washcloth I made my swappee.

My gracious and wonderful swapper lives in Canada and she and I have had a ball writing back and forth to each other (this was not a secret swap). She did this swap while she was in the midst of fixing up AND moving into her NEW HOME!! Amazing. I couldn't have done it and she did a wonderful job! Lookey!

The box before I ripped everything out of it and made a cloud of tissue-paper-pieces

All the items out-of-box. You can see the thoughtful note she wrote out to me. And the other unwrapped items are some method wipes, a LOVELY smelling candle (that has cashmere in it?! woah!), a bag of "gummy pandas" (seriously Kimmer, they are ALMOST gone!), a stack of "K" post-its and a washcloth she knitted for me!!

But wait there's more!

..."The Hell you say!"

...I do not lie!

Shall we move on?

Alright then:

Here you can see a close-up of the market bag she knitted for me! It's so lovely and it looks VERY strong! I will use it often! Plus the neatest-pooling washcloth. How did she figure out how to do that?? There's the wipes and above a pound of some great smelling fair-trade coffee. Can't wait to try it!

Here you can see the nice candle (in the tin) it really smells so pretty! The "K" post its (fun!) and a box of her favorite cookies (they aren't crumbs Kim! I can't wait to try them but right now I am o.d.-ing on Gummy Pandas!) and 5 balls of Elsebeth Lavold Hempathy in "sunshiney colors" because she heard it rains a lot in Seattle and thought I would like some sunshine in my world. HOW SWEET IS THAT?! It's supposed to be enough to make a sunshine market bag. I'm totally going to do that. Can't wait to get started...

Thanks Kim! You made such a lovely package and I am so happy!
I hope that you are getting all that furniture up those tight stairs and getting settled! :D


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  1. Hi Kate! Thanks for the comment on my blog. I'm glad you liked the video. Notice the logo you made for the Ravelympics in there? Kudos!