Thursday, August 7, 2008

How lucky am I?

Hey Robin,
A while back I had the fun job of creating a little logo for the Ravelympics 2008 'event' on Ravelry. It was a blast but I have to admit that if I thought the Ravelympics were going to be this big (over 10,000 projects listed as Ravelympics Projects!!) I would have tried harder to make something a little more professional. Woops.

But hey! It still looks alright!

Ok the point I am getting to is this: people are getting into it. I mean REALLY getting into it. I have "met" a sweetheart on Rav (MekaMika?) now who has an Etsy store. She will take whatever image you send to her and make a set of stitch markers. Brilliant! Go check out her shop, it's a great idea.

She asked if she could use my Ravelympics image to make some markers to sell people. I said, "OF COURSE!" Like I could say 'no'. Well, she sent me samples! Three sets; one each of all three sizes. As I am fond of saying: How COOL is that?? I feel like I am all set for my Ravelympic Events now!

Hat Dash and Laceweight Long Jump here I come!

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