Friday, May 16, 2008

One at a time...

Hey Robin,
I am a bit overwhelmed with how behind I am on updates to our hallowed pages here... so I thought I would start small and tackle it bits at a time.

I gotta say I love your synchonized sleepers. Fuzzy buds!

I am so sorry I had nothing on Mom's Day. Seems like a lot of bloggers had something to say. I had a lovely day beginning with the sleeping-in part. Aaaaah. Followed by a delicious breakfast that I had neither to cook nor to clean. Mmmm.

Little Guy picked out my present this year. He had the idea and the motivation and Daddy, though flabbergasted that LG had an idea at ALL, was on-board with the idea and drove him to the store to get it. This is what greeted me when I opened the box:

I mean. He picked out all the balls and had some ideas for what I could make with them! How's THAT for a 4-year-old huh?! I think I am going to cry again...

Next post will probably contain some blather about recent projects....


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