Thursday, May 29, 2008


Hey Robin,
I promiosed this post a long time ago (in April I believe) and finally I will deliver. I imagined this one as a pictorial with few words, but as my mouth/fingers tend to get ahead of me there might be more of a word-count than anticipated...

Here is my aaaah moment incarnate. The view from the Sky Chair:

Complete with fountain and my huge yard...

To the right of me:

Lilacs, Dogwoods whatever-the-white thing is, and this hosta that was a leftover from a previous planting. I didn't think it was going to make it, and it's by far the biggest one on the whole property. (see teensy one in nearly-empty-pot adjacent)

To the left of me:

These brown (bronze?) irises are ones I "stole" from our rental property before buying this place. I know what you are thinking, but actually I did them a favor, the iris was totally packed and needed separating, I really didn't think the landlord (sweet and very awesome guy) would mind if I took one. The one turned out to need separating the very-next year. And now I have a bazillion of them and they are ALL throwing up spikes. And I counted, one of them has SEVEN flowers on one spike... I think it was happy it came with me. What do you think?

The sweet kitty is Sheba (Cally) who is a neighborhood cat that also seems to like my back yard. She is a very welcome sweetie. And when I sit in my chair she likes to bump up against me and give me a swing... so she adds to my zen when i am in the chair.

Kudos go to my Dad for helping me to "just do it" when it came to putting up the eye-bolt to hang the chair. He is my angel of mercy when it comes to "just doing it" I need to come to L.A. and help him with same :)

Next time I will have pictures of the newly finished objects in my "resume of knitting". I am pretty excited about the Rogue Hoodie.


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