Friday, May 16, 2008

And another thing!

Hello again Robin!
OK so here was another thing I wanted to bring up. I was in the Malabrigo swap group for the "spring swap". Yay! It was so fun stalking my swapee. I sent her some good goodies, but the REAL interesting part was the good goodies I got! My swapper: Hachacha on Ravelry was so good. She spoiled me rotten man! I mean look at this box-o-goodness:

There were stitch markers from my Etsy favorites! A whole assortment of CHOCOLATE and some great coffee and SOX STIX!!! Rosewood! My favorite!! And some neato breath mints (totally need those) and a printout of a pattern in my queue (how thoughtful!) and a cell-phone-dangly-thing and a fairy note card!! AND she saw that I want to get a dog for my son (and myself) and got him a little stuffed one that he has barely let out of his sight since it arrived. It is now named Fuzzy Wuzzy.

ALSO: She sent me two GORGEOUS skeins of malabrigo (which is what it's all about!) and I have to point out that those are two different colorways. Don't they look identical? Anyway, one is silky merino and the other is laceweight. The laceweight will take some thought, but the silky has already been put to good use. Unfortunately that good use isn't translating to camera time. Observe:

*Sigh*. Why art I so bad at picture taking?!

More later... maybe

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