Thursday, February 14, 2008


Hey Robin!
It's been a while since our return from vacay and I tell ya, going from the cold to the warm is easy, but returning to the cold FROM the warm? Not so great. I'm having the major post-vacation-bluuuuuuues! Howcome B.B. never sang about THAT?

In the bright side I got a teeny-bit of knitting done on the trip and have since progressed far enough to warrant a photo. Meet Vinnland:


Vinnland is wonderful. The yarn is wonderful (Lorna's Laces Shepherd sock in Douglas Fir colorway) the pattern is wonderful. It's all good. It's so good I had to take a break from the goodness for some "simple". Meet Mary Jane's Pithy Hat:

I had actually gotten this far (about 8") on the vacay when i realized i was reading something entirely wrong and it was looking like something the neighbor's cat had caught on it's tail. Not good. It has since been RE started and aaaaaah. The yarn is from eBay and is very much like a Malabrigo (mMmmmmm) and the colors are lovely and make me think of Spring. That can't be a bad thing.


Sometime I will describe to you the intense anxiety that comes with adorning yourself with a sock that is still on 4 dpns. It's an experience let me tell ya... Oh and did I mention that the Yarn Harlot is nearby... breathing my air? Wish I could go see her!! She'll be back in April tho... wahoo!

Later! (Oh and Happy Chocolate Day to you too!)

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