Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Simon Sez...

Hey Robin!
I got THIS in the mail today! W00t! I mean SQUEEEEEEE! The fluff is from a bloke named Simon (whose picture graces the bag). Apparently he sez it's time for me to try to spin! Got this little set with some printed instructions that I will promptly read-though-behave-as-though-i-haven't from a store called Big Horn Mountain Alpacas.

The kit was $12 or $13 and it's just-right for me. A real-simple spindle... real simple instructions and what feels to me so far as the butteriest, softest fluffy-fiber i have held. Granted I haven't held much in my hot little hands, but this stuff is neato. I may never actually knit anything from it, but my plan is to appreciate the work that spinners do on a regular basis... i really hope I don't get hooked on this because, like I need another hobby. Seriously.

And this is what else has consumed my time in recent days. (Besides my glee that Nerd Night* will continue for at least one more season! W00t!) I stayed up two extra hours last night to get more done on sock #2. Seriously this is a HUGE sock. My Uncle better like these things and wear HOLES in 'em! They are the Harlot's Earl Grey socks (in actual GREY this time!) because i love that pattern so much and it goes SO fast... and this yarn likes it anyway. It told me.
Just before I was getting ready to take a picture to show that the foot of the sock is the SAME LENGTH as the leg, the battery died. So you will just have to take my word for it. The sock is huge. Good thing i heart this yarn (Baby Cashmere from Elann).

P.S. Nerd Night = Chuck and Heroes, both on Monday, NBC. Watch them. Oh, and I am going on record as coining this phrase. Where's my royalties!?


  1. I just discovered Heroes - I watched all of the episodes of season one and two on streaming Netflix video. Used up all our minutes and had to buy some of the episodes on Amazon. I was like a crazed woman - MORE HEROES! (Ok, more Peter Petrelli!)

    I want to try a drop spindle too...

  2. I heart Hiro. He's my absolute fave, probably for other reasons than yours though. Heh. This show is just so well written! More more more!

    I recommend the graphic novels on the NBC site if you have the time to read them all (just 6 pages each, but the time it takes to "download" is looong).

    I didn't think of streaming the episodes on Netflix! *slaps hand on forehead*