Saturday, July 25, 2009

Someone find me a baby!

My model is deflating!

Hey Robin,
Still working on Baby Robitaille for some friends... I am liking the outcome but next step is figuring out the chin-strap... here is the back
When I get an idea of how to get sizes for bigger kids, I will write it all up and publish. It's a fast knit and I think there might be a few people that would like it! This image was the model, for comparison:

In the world of flora at Chez-Moi a few days ago there was "not much to speak of" and today there was this:
Can you say: "Fruit just tastes better when it's more hazardous to get to?" I thought you could.

As a parting shot, this little pot on my patio can be seen from my favorite chair, and it makes me happiest:

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