Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Hurrah for Closure

Hey Robin,
I had serious second sock syndrome, but I buckled down and finished this pair of socks! I have no excuse. It's a wonderful pattern by a fellow Malabrigo-Junkie and I was testing it for her in a larger foot-size (since I walk on flippers and she has the wee-delicate-foots). I loved the pattern, and loved the yarn (Dream in Color Smooshy, my first project with it and I highly recommend it!) but for some reason was a bit reluctant to cast-on #2. Then it hit me, this pair would make a phenomenal gift for someone I know (who shall remain nameless until she gets the package) who also has large feet. As soon as that hit me I knitted like the wind and haven't looked back!

Here's the pair together...
The Pattern is "Well Travelled" (Ravelry link) by Kelly Herdrich and it's a good-knit! The DIC smooshy is in a lovely colorway called Dusky Aurora. I have lots leftover but not enough for another pair unfortunately...

Now I can cast on another project! And with my little helper here (doesn't he look thrilled?) I can get to it that much faster!


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