Saturday, December 29, 2007

The Aftermath...

Hey Robin,
So much has happened since the last post! I'm so sorry for the quiet but I have been dealing with new toys/new books/new movies. And the Little Guy got some too! Christmas has been beautiful, we even got some snow on Christmas Day! Though I have been told we were the only neighborhood in our area to actually have it stick. I just told that person that our home owner's association is good at planning ahead ;)

I'm excited to report that all planned-recipients of hand-knits got their knits and showed due-appreciation. (nothing worse than giving something that took many many hours of devotion and getting a shrug and a "thanks" in return). The Hub whipped his socks on and refused to take them off all day. Now THAT'S encouragement!

We took more video than stills, so unfortunately I don't have any cutie-pie pictures to share. BUT!! I do have a pic of my next project:

Oh wait, this one is done already. It's a pair of Malabrigo Loafers por Moi! In the hummingbird colorway. Yummy! I might have to felt the loafers though, they really ARE stretching like it says.

OK HERE'S the new project. I used the grid pattern from Hello Yarn... very helpful! And pulled a spiral pattern from my Celtic Cross stitch pattern book. Something handy to have around for sure! I had to agonize for a LONG time on which pattern to use, there were so many that would work!

I decided on spirals because an interlace pattern would seem like a cop-out. Interlaces should be cabled! But I wanted to try some colorwork and it's coming out OK if I may say so myself. It's puckering a little at the dpn-joins, but it's getting better and better! This is fun, but I am so glad i picked mittens to do because it's a short project and good practise! Yay!

I hope you are passing a glorious holiday and that your knew knitting kyear is frogless and happy! :)


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