Thursday, November 12, 2009

Knitting Fairy Tale

Hey Kate!

I've been reading The Spawn a fairy tale from The Golden Book of Fairy Tales every night at bedtime.  I don't think she's really paying attention to the plot and the characters, but she has definitely got the format down.  The other night, my mouth hurt too much to read, so she read me an Elephant and Piggie book in fairy tale style.  She added "once upon a time", he saids, she saids and "they lived after after after".  It was adorable.

Did you know there is a knitting fairy tale?  Hans Christian Andersen (now I have the song in my head) wrote one called The Wild Swans. In it, a girl has to spin thread out of nettles (!!!) and then knit it into coats for her brothers to return them back to human form.  It seems that the King believes she is a witch because she hung out in graveyards (to get the nettles), even though she never casts any spell.  But after she transforms the swans into men, he realizes she is not a witch. Huh?

Anyway. That's all I got.


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