Saturday, June 13, 2009

Thank Ganesha!

Hey Kate,

Thank you for helping me come up with a solution for my lace chart knitting problem. With your suggestions and my leet scavenging skills, I was able to put together my new small project kit.

The LADWP magnet, after modification, holds its place beautifully and the case is big enough for a ball of yarn, circular kneedles and my required accessories.

I also think that the guardian of my current project is very appropriate. Meet Ganesha:

Though Saraswati is the Hindu god of knitting, I believe Ganesha is a better deity for my purposes. He is the Lord of Success (with successful project completion being my goal), but also the Destroyer of Pride. Since I learn humility with every frog of my projects due to major errors, I feel that he has been watching over me for some time.

Speaking of frogging, I'll be starting my mitts over again this evening. I think I've learned enough humility on this project, so Ganesha, bring me success! And if not, I really don't mind. Shine Sport is soothing to the touch and the Victorian Sampler Fingerless Mitts is a fun pattern. They'll be my summer driving mitts when I'm done.

That's all I got.



  1. Hi Robin. I followed a link over here. My husband and I like you even more now! :-)

    We thought you might enjoy the pair of socks I recently knitted for him:

    Knitting, yoga and WoW...quite a fun mix, no?

  2. Nice job on the socks Yogini!

  3. Yes! I try to do a little bit every day: knitting, yoga, wow and writing. But I often only get 2 of the 4 in. I'm still working on it though!

    I'm so glad you came over to take a peek! Welcome!

  4. Ganesha is the god of good beginnings. That's why "Shree Ganeshaay namaha" is said at the start of an undertaking.