Friday, September 26, 2008

Harvest time!

Hey Robin,
It finally got sunny enough to 'feed' these babies:

I detect a tomato sauce in our future!

Also harvested in the recent past:

The blues and green/yellows are a couple of blanket squares for a large project that I hope to blog about later. Some of my favorite people are in two of my Ravelry groups... We are the Malabrigo Junkies. Oh yes, we are. Anyway, a whole whack of our gals are getting/have gotten married!! And we all talked about making something for them as gifts. I had to open my big-mouth about saying I would assemble blankets if people would be willing to make squares. I have received a LOT of them. The ones in the pic above are my first contributions. There are already more... will share pics later.

The red is Aidan's "Raspberry Twist" (Orange twist by Marie Grace Designs). Awesome pattern and really so simple. I just wish it was done in the round. However I got through the seaming rather quickly. It's a size 8, so I hope it fits the lad! I had to struggle not to get him to try it on last night when we visited. I am trying to decide whether to just GIVE it to him, so he can maximize wear-time this season... or save it for Xmas? Shoot. He's 7. Xmas is for TOYS! I'll give him the sweater as soon as I see him again. Seriously. Hope it fits...

Now to begin the mad-Xmas-knitting!! Mwahahahaaaaa! *cough* *splutter* *hack!*


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