Friday, April 11, 2008

Signs of Spring!

Hey Robin,
Not much to report in the land-of-the-knits. The Hemlock Ring blanket begins to be bound-off, but I have fears that it isn't as large as I would like (so i make another one then!!) Alongside THAT fear is the one that says "where the HECK will I block this sucker??"

The Rogue Hoodie is getting hooded as-we-speak (well, you get my meaning anyway). And I have decided on a pattern for "Liberating my Laceweight"! Woohoo! I will try to post a pic of that very soon, but right now it is but a wee-morsel and I don't think I can take a good close-up picture of it with the caffeine shakes. Heh.

INSTEAD! I shall post some fun pictures of Little Guy and his class today so that family and friends can see:

Planter boxes

Today at class the morning was about our Little Guy. Every week a "friend" shares their family with the class and they all do something together or talk about their favorite things. Little Guy likes to garden with me (among other things, but this seemed the right time of year to bring it up) and so I built some small planter boxes and brought some green bean seeds (beans?) for the kids to plant! I hope all goes well and they can perhaps have a fresh-snack in class one day because of this...

I hope your day is equally Spring-ish and fine.

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